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"Although the name Peter Dukes might be unfamiliar to you, it shouldn't be." - The Examiner


"Peter Dukes is an independent filmmaker on the rise." - More Horror


"Peter Dukes is the independent filmmaker on everyone's lips." - Horror Movies Uncut


"Peter Dukes has consistently provided pieces that would fare well against any big budget operations." - The London Film Review


"Dukes is one of the most promising independent filmmakers that we at the Horror Hothouse have had the pleasure of writing about." - The Horror Hothouse


"Peter Dukes has a sense of fantasy that can make us feel like children when we watch his films.  I think he is quite brilliant." - Indie Horror Icon Bill Oberst, Jr.


"A talented and resourceful filmmaker, he is poised to make a splash on the indie horror scene." - Sinful Celluloid


"Peter Dukes' films are a breath of fresh air, constantly surprising viewers with their exceptional style." - Critics Associated


"Peter Dukes is the king of short horror." - Creepercast


"My favorite short filmmaker". - DC Outlook










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