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Peter Dukes is a prolific multi-award winning writer, director and producer.  His films have attracted name talent, received press worldwide and been distributed both nationally and internationally.


His last feature film, ESCAPE ROOM, starring Skeet Ulrich and Sean Young, screened theatrically overseas, opened up as the number 1 DVD/streamed movie in the UK and aired in the US via Redbox, Amazon and i-tunes.  

He currently has several features in development, pre-production and post-production.  



Little Reaper (2020)                        Writer                                                                 Wonderfilms Media/Original Film

Scavengers (2020)                            Writer                                                                Benetone Films

Portal (2019)                                       Writer                                                                HorrorHound Films

Escape Room (2016)                        Producer/Director/Writer                         Global Genesis Group/Entity 3


Sweet Madness (2015)                      Producer/Director/Writer                          Dream Seekers Productions


Daniel (2014)                                       Producer/Director/Writer                        Dream Seekers Productions


Little Reaper (2013)                          Producer/Director/Writer/Editor          Dream Seekers Productions


The Beast (2012)                                 Producer/Director/Writer/Editor          Dream Seekers Productions


A Goblin's Tale (2011)                      Producer/Director/Writer/Editor           Dream Seekers Productions


The New World (2010)                    Producer/Director/Writer/Editor          Dream Seekers  Productions


Lanrete (2010)                                    Producer/Director/Writer/Editor          Dream Seekers Productions


They Watch  (2009)                          Producer/Director/Writer/Editor          Dream Seekers Productions


The Scarecrow & The Princess (2009)   Producer/Director/Writer/Editor         Dream Seekers Productions 


The Last Goodbye (2008)               Producer/Director/Writer/Editor         Dream Seekers Productions


Alone  (2007)                                       Producer/Director/Writer/Editor         Dream Seekers Productions


Memory Lane (2007)                        Producer/Director/Writer/Editor         Dream Seekers Productions


Unreachable  (2006)                         Producer/Director/Writer                        Dream Seekers Productions


Northern Point (2001)                     Producer/Director/Writer/Editor         Dream Seekers Productions 


Ghosts (2000)                                      Producer/Director/Writer/Editor         Dream Seekers Productions


Halo (1999)                                            Producer/Director/Writer/Editor        Dream Seekers Productions


2010 - present

2010 - present

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